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modern kitchen

Kitchens are busy areas where all the cooking, washing, and utensil storage has to happen. Investing in kitchen storage, like cabinets, can improve the amount of space available to better coordinate the many activities that take place in the kitchen. There are several factors to consider when deciding how much cabinet space is needed in a kitchen.

Family and Lifestyle Considerations

Family size plays a significant role in determining the amount of cabinet space needed. Naturally, a large family or one that hosts many events or gatherings needs to stock more utensils than a smaller family. Individuals who are enthusiastic cooks also require more cabinet space to store various types of utensils, spices, and small appliances, while individuals who prefer eating out require less space. Families planning to grow with more children or individuals who enjoy collecting vintage kitchenware should also consider incorporating more pantries and drawer space for future use.

Kitchen Size and Cabinet Organization

When remodeling a kitchen, homeowners should survey the size of their space to evaluate the number and positioning of new cabinets. Installing many large cabinets in a small kitchen limits the amount of space available for incorporating larger appliances like fridges or dishwashers. Homeowners can also consider mid-sized shelves fixed in strategic places like under or above the countertop for a clever, stylish way to introduce more storage space.

Creative Uses of Space

Including additional elements within cabinets is another creative way to make the most out of the available space. Homeowners can purchase inbuilt organization compartments for cutlery, dishes, spices, napkins, and other kitchenware to reduce the number of cabinets required.

Selecting the appropriate kitchen equipment and furnishing plays a significant role in maximizing the efficacy of a kitchen. At Granite Gallery Enterprises, Inc., we provide a variety of classic home construction and remodeling services at affordable prices. Contact us today to learn more about our expert services.

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