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Tile: A Durable and Attractive Flooring Option

At Granite Gallery Enterprises, Inc, we want to help accentuate your personal tastes. We understand that no two homeowners are the same. So, we boast an endless variety of colors, materials, and sizes, ensuring you will find something that works for your home. Choosing tile for your entryway, bathroom, or kitchen is a wonderful choice that will enhance your property value and deliver quality, durability, and more. We specialize in kitchen and bathroom remodels with full installation, so don’t hesitate to visit our showroom to view our options.

tiled bathroom

We Offer a Vast Range of Tile Options

We import our tiles from around the world. Our diverse range of products allows us to build an inventory that enables our customers to have their pick. It is important to us to deliver choices to you, especially during a kitchen or bathroom remodel. We are confident that you will file a tile option that speaks to your style preferences and what you are looking for.

The Benefits of Selecting Tile Flooring


If you have children or pets, listen up: Tile is highly durable. It withstands spilled bowls of spaghetti and scratches alike. It is exceptionally durable and is perfect for placement in high-traffic areas, which just so happen to include the kitchen and bathroom.


Tiles are cost-effective. In fact, investing in tiles is hardly an investment, especially when compared to other modes of flooring, such as hardwood floors. When you factor the initial cost with the durability, tiles are a no-brainer.

Resale Value

If you want to think about the long game, consider investing in tile flooring. It is desirable among many prospective homebuyers, so if you are looking to sell your home in the future, tile makes sense.

Air Quality

Did you know tiles are fired in kilns at exceptionally high temperatures? Because of the heat at which they are created, they contain no volatile organic compounds. As a result, they are much better for indoor air quality than some other types of flooring.

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